Which Arab country is the safest?

Which Arab country is the safest?

When considering a travel destination in the Arab world, safety is a significant factor for many people. In this article, we will explore various factors and statistics to determine which Arab country is the safest to visit.

Factors influencing safety

Several factors contribute to the overall safety of a country:

Crime rate

A low crime rate is a crucial indicator of safety. Countries with low levels of crime tend to provide a more secure environment for both residents and visitors.

Terrorism threats

Terrorism can pose a significant risk to safety. Countries with effective counter-terrorism measures and a minimal threat of extremist violence are generally considered safer.

Political stability

Political stability plays a vital role in maintaining safety. Countries with a stable political landscape are less likely to experience unrest, protests, or violent conflicts.

Healthcare facilities

Adequate healthcare facilities ensure that visitors can receive timely and high-quality medical attention in case of emergencies, contributing to their overall safety.

Safest Arab countries

Based on various sources and statistics, the following Arab countries are often considered among the safest:

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The UAE has consistently ranked high in terms of safety. The country’s low crime rates, strict laws, and efficient police force contribute to its reputation for overall safety.

Which Arab country is the safest?


Oman boasts low crime rates and a stable political environment, making it a safe destination for travelers. The country’s focus on preserving its cultural heritage and natural beauty further enhances its appeal.


Qatar is known for its safety and security. The country’s low crime rates, modern infrastructure, and high standard of living contribute to its reputation as one of the safest Arab countries.


Kuwait has a strong emphasis on maintaining law and order, resulting in a safe environment for residents and visitors. The country’s stable economy and effective policing contribute to its overall safety.


Jordan is considered relatively safe for travelers. The country’s efficient security apparatus and commitment to counter-terrorism efforts have contributed to sustained stability and safety.

When it comes to safety in the Arab world, several countries stand out for their low crime rates, stability, and effective security measures. The United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Jordan are among the safest destinations in the region.

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